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Oracle® Text Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Title and Copyright Information


Changes in This Release for Oracle Text Reference

1 Oracle Text SQL Statements and Operators

2 Oracle Text Indexing Elements

3 Oracle Text CONTAINS Query Operators

4 Special Characters in Oracle Text Queries

5 CTX_ADM Package

6 CTX_ANL Package

7 CTX_CLS Package

8 CTX_DDL Package

9 CTX_DOC Package

10 CTX_ENTITY Package

11 CTX_OUTPUT Package

12 CTX_QUERY Package

13 CTX_REPORT Package

14 CTX_THES Package

15 CTX_ULEXER Package

16 Oracle Text Utilities

17 Oracle Text Alternative Spelling

A Oracle Text Result Tables

B Oracle Text Supported Document Formats

C Text Loading Examples for Oracle Text

D Oracle Text Multilingual Features

E Oracle Text Supplied Stoplists

F The Oracle Text Scoring Algorithm

G Oracle Text Views

H Stopword Transformations in Oracle Text

I AUTO_LEXER Parts-of-Speech Tagging