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Oracle® Database Error Messages
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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54 NDFN-00020 to NDFN-00025

NDFN-00020: missing IPMI userid
Cause: Required user name argument was not specified.
Action: Reissue command with correct arguments.
NDFN-00021: missing node list
Cause: Required node list was not supplied.
Action: Re-issue command with correct arguments.
NDFN-00022: unrecognized command option: 'string'
Cause: Operation type missing or mis-spelled.
Action: Re-issue command with correct arguments.
NDFN-00023: no password read. Re-issue request
Cause: Required administrator password was not read in response to the password prompt before finding end-of-line.
Action: Re-issue command and be sure to type the password immediately following the prompt.
NDFN-00024: caught I/O exception: string
Cause: .
Action: Re-issue command after repairing root cause.
NDFN-00025: string failed for node string
Cause: The indicated operation could not be completed for the specified node. The lower-level error messages attached should indicate the root cause.
Action: Re-issue command after repairing the condition indicated.