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Oracle® Database Testing Guide
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Testing Guide

1 Introduction to Oracle Database Testing

Part I SQL Performance Analyzer

2 Introduction to SQL Performance Analyzer

3 Creating an Analysis Task

4 Creating a Pre-Change SQL Trial

5 Creating a Post-Change SQL Trial

6 Comparing SQL Trials

7 Testing a Database Upgrade

Part II Database Replay

8 Introduction to Database Replay

9 Capturing a Database Workload

10 Preprocessing a Database Workload

11 Replaying a Database Workload

12 Analyzing Captured and Replayed Workloads

13 Using Workload Intelligence

14 Using Consolidated Database Replay

15 Using Workload Scale-Up

Part III Test Data Management

16 Application Data Models

17 Data Subsetting

18 Masking Sensitive Data