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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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RC_PROXY_ARCHIVELOG_SUMMARY contains a summary of proxy copy backups of archived redo log files.

This view is primarily intended to be used internally by Enterprise Manager.

Column Data Type Description
DB_NAME VARCHAR2(8) The DB_NAME of the database incarnation to which this record belongs.
DB_KEY NUMBER The primary key for this database in the recovery catalog. Use this column to join with almost any other catalog view.
NUM_FILES_BACKED NUMBER Total number of archived redo log files backed up.
NUM_DISTINCT_FILES_BACKED NUMBER Number of distinct archived redo log files backed up.
MIN_FIRST_CHANGE# NUMBER Minimum value for the first SCN of any redo log file in this summary.
MAX_NEXT_CHANGE# NUMBER Maximum value for the NEXT_CHANGE# SCN of any redo log file in this summary.
MIN_FIRST_TIME DATE Minimum value for the time of the first change in any redo log. Along with MAX_NEXT_TIME, forms the redo range.
MAX_NEXT_TIME DATE Maximum value for the time of the next change after any redo logs in this session.
OUTPUT_BYTES NUMBER Sum of sizes of all output pieces generated by this job.
OUTPUT_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(32K) Same value as OUTPUT_BYTES, but converted to a user-displayable format, for example, 798.01M or 5.25G.