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Oracle® Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph Developer's Guide
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Changes in This Release for Oracle Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph Developer's Guide

Part I Conceptual and Usage Information

1 RDF Semantic Graph Overview

2 OWL Concepts

3 Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) Support

4 Semantic Indexing for Documents

5 Fine-Grained Access Control for RDF Data

6 Workspace Manager Support for RDF Data

7 RDF Semantic Graph Support for Apache Jena

8 RDF Semantic Graph support for OpenRDF Sesame

9 User-Defined Inferencing and Querying

10 RDF Views: Relational Data as RDF

Part II Reference and Supplementary Information

11 SEM_APIS Package Subprograms

12 SEM_OLS Package Subprograms

13 SEM_PERF Package Subprograms

14 SEM_RDFCTX Package Subprograms

15 SEM_RDFSA Package Subprograms

A Enabling, Downgrading, or Removing RDF Semantic Graph Support

B SEM_MATCH Support for Spatial Queries

C Virtual Private Database Support in RDF Semantic Graph