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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Property Description
Parameter type Boolean
Default value false
Range of values true | false
Basic No

ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING enables or disables the writing of a subset of data definition language (DDL) statements to a DDL alert log.

The DDL log is a file that has the same format and basic behavior as the alert log, but it only contains the DDL statements issued by the database. The DDL log is created only for the RDBMS component and only if the ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING initialization parameter is set to true. When this parameter is set to false, DDL statements are not included in any log.

The DDL log contains one log record for each DDL statement issued by the database. The DDL log is included in IPS incident packages.

There are two DDL logs that contain the same information. One is an XML file, and the other is a text file. The DDL log is stored in the log/ddl subdirectory of the ADR home.

When ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING is set to true, the following DDL statements are written to the alert log:


The DDL statement written to the alert log may be truncated. You can use DDL triggers to view the entire DDL statement. See Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference for more information about DDL triggers.

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