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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Property Description
Parameter type Boolean
Default value false
Modifiable No
Range of values true | false
Basic No

NONCDB_COMPATIBLE enables you to get behavior similar to a non-CDB when issuing SQL commands inside a PDB in a CDB.

Set this parameter if you are using a single PDB in your CDB configuration and you have legacy code that causes ORA-65040 when you run it in the PDB.


There are some statements (such as ALTER DB BACKUP CONTROLFILE) which can be issued in a non-CDB, but in a CDB they must be issued in the root (because they affect the whole CDB) and would result in an error if issued in a PDB.

Some ALTER DATABASE or ALTER SYSTEM statements are not permitted inside a PDB, and they will fail if NONCDB_COMPATIBLE=FALSE is set in init.ora. However, these statements will succeed if NONCDB_COMPATIBLE=TRUE is set.

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