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Oracle® Database Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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ALL_USERS lists all users of the database visible to the current user. This view does not describe the users (see the related views).

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
USERNAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of the user
USER_ID NUMBER NOT NULL ID number of the user
CREATED DATE NOT NULL User creation date
COMMON VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether a given user is common. Possible values:
  • YES if a user is common

  • NO if a user is local (not common)

ORACLE_MAINTAINED VARCHAR2(1)   Denotes whether the user was created, and is maintained, by Oracle-supplied scripts (such as catalog.sql or catproc.sql). A user for which this column has the value Y must not be changed in any way except by running an Oracle-supplied script.