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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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ALL_JSON_COLUMNS provides information on the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) columns accessible to the current user. Each column that has an IS JSON check constraint in an AND condition and is accessible to the user appears in this view. This view enables a user to find all the JSON columns that are accessible to him or her.

For example, if a check constraint combines the IS JSON condition with another condition using logical condition OR, then the column is not listed in this view. In this case, it is not certain that the data in the column is JSON data. For example, the following constraint does not ensure that the data in column jcol is JSON data:

jcol is json OR length(jcol) < 1000

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Owner of the table with the JSON column
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of the table with the JSON column
COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of the JSON column
FORMAT VARCHAR2(9)   Format of the JSON data
DATA_TYPE VARCHAR2(13)   Data type of the JSON column


This view is available starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (

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