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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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DBA_CDB_RSRC_PLAN_DIRECTIVES provides information about all the CDB resource plan directives.


ORA$DEFAULT_PDB_DIRECTIVE is the default directive for PDBs. For more information about ORA$DEFAULT_PDB_DIRECTIVE, see Oracle Database Administrator's Guide.
Column Datatype NULL Description
PLAN VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the CDB resource plan to which this directive belongs
PLUGGABLE_DATABASE VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the PDB referred to. NULL for profile directives
PROFILE VARCHAR2(128)   For internal use only
DIRECTIVE_TYPE VARCHAR2(30)   For internal use only
SHARES NUMBER   Resource allocation, expressed in shares
UTILIZATION_LIMIT NUMBER   Maximum resource utilization allowed, expressed in percentage
PARALLEL_SERVER_LIMIT NUMBER   Maximum percentage of the parallel target used before queueing subsequent parallel queries
MEMORY_MIN NUMBER   For internal use only
MEMORY_LIMIT NUMBER   For internal use only
COMMENTS VARCHAR2(2000)   Text comment on the resource plan directive
STATUS VARCHAR2(128)   PENDING if it is part of the pending area, NULL otherwise
MANDATORY VARCHAR2(3)   Whether the resource plan directive is mandatory. Mandatory plans cannot be deleted.