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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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DBA_USED_SYSPRIVS_PATH lists the system privileges that are used for the privilege analysis policies reported by the DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE.GENERATE_RESULT procedure.

This view provides access to analyzed privilege records in SYS tables.

You must have the CAPTURE_ADMIN role to access this view.

Column Datatype NULL Description
CAPTURE VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of a privilege analysis policy
SEQUENCE NUMBER NOT NULL The sequence number of the privilege analysis run during which the privilege was reported
OS_USER VARCHAR2(128)   Operating system login username
USERHOST VARCHAR2(128)   Client host machine name
MODULE VARCHAR2(64)   Module name
USERNAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of the user whose privilege was reported
USED_ROLE VARCHAR2(128)   Used role
SYS_PRIV VARCHAR2(40)   Used system privilege
ADMIN_OPTION NUMBER   Indicates whether the ADMIN option was used:
  • 0 - Indicates that the ADMIN option was not used

  • 1 - Indicates that the ADMIN option was used

PATH GRANT_PATH   System privilege grant paths

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