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Each row in DBA_WI_JOBS describes a Workload Intelligence job, that is, a task that applies the algorithms of Workload Intelligence on a given capture directory.

Column Datatype NULL Description
JOB_ID NUMBER NOT NULL The job identifier
JOB_NAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL A name that uniquely identifies the given job
CAPTURE_DIRECTORY VARCHAR2(4000) NOT NULL Path to the capture directory on which the given job has been applied
MODEL_ORDER NUMBER   The order of the markov model that describes the workload associated with the current job. If NULL, the corresponding order has not been calculated yet.
THRESHOLD NUMBER   A number in the range [0, 1] that represents the threshold that the user has given as an input parameter to the current job of Workload Intelligence for the identification of significant patterns. If NULL, the process of pattern identification has not been initiated yet.