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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Each row in DBA_WI_TEMPLATES describes a template that has been found in the workload that is related to the Workload Intelligence job whose identifier is equal to JOB_ID. A template can represent either a simple query, or an entire transaction. Two queries in the given workload belong to the same template, if they exhibit trivial differences, for example, if they contain different literal values, different bind variable names, different comments, or different white spaces.

Column Datatype NULL Description
JOB_ID NUMBER NOT NULL The identifier of the job in the workload of which the given template has been found
TEMPLATE_ID NUMBER NOT NULL The identifier of a template in a given job
IS_TRANSACTION CHAR(1) NOT NULL Flag that indicates whether the given template represents a transaction:
  • Y - indicates that the given template represents a transaction

  • N - indicates that the given template does not represent a transaction