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Oracle® Real Application Clusters Installation Guide
12c Release 1 (12.1) for Linux and UNIX

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Changes in This Release for Oracle RAC

1 Preinstallation Checklist

2 Installing Oracle RAC and Oracle RAC One Node

3 Creating Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node Databases with DBCA

4 Deploying Oracle RAC Databases with Rapid Home Provisioning

5 Oracle Real Application Clusters Postinstallation Procedures

6 Using Server Pools with Oracle RAC

7 Understanding the Oracle RAC Installed Configuration

8 Removing Oracle Real Application Clusters Software

A Troubleshooting Oracle Real Application Clusters Installations

B Using Scripts or Response Files to Create Oracle RAC Databases

C Directory Structure for Oracle RAC Environments

D How to Stop Processes in an Existing Oracle RAC Database

E Managing Oracle Database Port Numbers