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Oracle® Database 2 Day + Application Express Developer's Guide
Release 4.2 for Oracle Database 12c

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7 Next Steps

Now that you have completed this guide, you are ready to take advantage of other resources to expand your knowledge of Oracle Application Express and boost your productivity. This section describes those resources.


Consider deleting the sample objects required to complete this tutorial to free up space in your workspace. For instructions, see "Deleting the OEHR Sample Objects Application".

7.1 Additional Resources

To continue learning about Oracle Application Express, review these additional resources designed for Application Express users.

Oracle Learning Library

Search for free online training content, including Oracle by Example (OBE), demos, and tutorials. To access the Oracle Learning Library, go to:

Training Courses

You can attend training courses for Oracle Application Express. To review these courses, go to the following website and enter Application Express in the search criteria field:

Oracle Technology Network

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is a central website for Oracle Application Express resources and information. In addition to downloading the latest product version, sample code, and packaged applications, the OTN site includes:

To access the Oracle Application Express page on OTN, go to the following website: