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Oracle Database
  12c Release 1 (12.1)

Database Administration

"Essentials" covers everyday database administration tasks, as performed using the Enterprise Manager GUI. "Supporting Documentation" includes in-depth concept, task and reference material.


2 Day DBA covers general database administration tasks and concepts. Each 2 Day + book covers more specialized tasks and concepts for specific advanced topics. All tasks are presented in the Enterprise Manager GUI. Supporting documentation describes command line-based methods.

2 Day + Security GuideHTMLPDF
2 Day + Performance Tuning GuideHTMLPDF

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation treats advanced topics related to database administration. In general, the 2 Day + books refer you to these topics when needed.

Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF
SQL Language ReferenceHTMLPDF
Performance Tuning GuideHTMLPDF
Error MessagesHTMLPDF


SQL statements and PL/SQL programs and packages are used extensively in administering Oracle databases.

SQL Language ReferenceHTMLPDF
SQL Language Quick ReferenceHTMLPDF
PL/SQL Language ReferenceHTMLPDF
PL/SQL Packages and Types ReferenceHTMLPDF
Development GuideHTMLPDF

Clients for Database Administration

Oracle SQL Developer is a powerful easy-to-use GUI with browse, create, edit, and drag-and-drop capabilities for managing database objects, and creating and viewing reports. SQL*Plus is a command-line client used for running SQL statements and compiling PL/SQL code. SQL Developer has all the capabilities of SQL*Plus in a GUI-based interface.

SQL Developer User's GuideHTMLPDF
SQL*Plus Release NotesHTMLPDF
SQL*Plus User's Guide and ReferenceHTMLPDF
SQL*Plus Quick ReferenceHTMLPDF


Detailed information on database features used to secure your data against unauthorized access.

Security GuideHTMLPDF
Advanced Security GuideHTMLPDF
Enterprise User Security Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF
Label Security Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF
Database Vault Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF
Real Application Security Administrator's and Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Real Application Security Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF

Network Management

Oracle Net helps you manage connectivity, security, and performance across both Internet and intranet networks.

Net Services ReferenceHTMLPDF
Net Services Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF


Using Automatic Storage Management for Oracle databases.

Automatic Storage Management Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF

Backup and Recovery

Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) or user-managed backup techniques to back up and recover Oracle databases.

Backup and Recovery User's GuideHTMLPDF
Backup and Recovery ReferenceHTMLPDF
Advanced Replication Management API ReferenceHTMLPDF

UNIX and Windows Database Administration

Administration concepts and tasks specific to the Oracle Database on a specific operating system.

Administrator's Reference for Linux and UNIX-Based Operating SystemsHTMLPDF
Platform Guide for Microsoft WindowsHTMLPDF


Oracle Real Application Testing enables you to perform real-world testing of Oracle Database.
Testing GuideHTMLPDF

Popular Topics

ASM, control files, databases, datafiles, database links, data dictionary (basic, advanced), DDL, DML, indexes, initialization parameters (basic, advanced), processes, scheduler, tables, tablespaces, views