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Oracle Database
  12c Release 1 (12.1)

Unstructured Data and Content Management

Oracle Secure Files provides enhanced LOB-type storage for applications managing all types of data. Implement applications that deliver performance comparable to file system storage, with rich information retrieval capabilities organized around specialized semantic content models, such as relational, XML-based, full text, spatial, and multimedia data.

Oracle Secure Files and Large Objects

Oracle Secure Files, providing enhanced large object (LOB) storage functionality with file system performance, provides a foundation for a wide range of content management applications.

SecureFiles and Large Objects Developer's GuideHTMLPDF


Oracle XML DB and XML Developer's Kit enable you to develop high performance applications that process XML content and manage XML stored in the database. XDK and XML APIs allow you to generate and store XML data in the database or in documents outside the database.

XML DB Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
XML Developer's Kit Programmer's GuideHTMLPDF
XML Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF

Oracle Text

Oracle Text brings search engine-like full text search capabilities to Oracle Database. Oracle Text provides a foundation for building your own search applications. Search regular columns, text inside various kinds of binary-format documents, and text, tags, and attributes inside XML documents.

Text Application Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Text ReferenceHTMLPDF

Oracle Spatial and Location Information

Use features described in these manuals to implement applications that manage data with spatial organization.

Spatial and Graph Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Spatial and Graph GeoRaster Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Spatial and Graph Topology Data Model and Network Data Model Graph Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Spatial and Graph Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF

Oracle Multimedia

Oracle Multimedia (formerly known as Oracle interMedia) lets you write applications to manage images, audio,video, and other heterogeneous media data in Oracle databases.

Multimedia User's GuideHTMLPDF
Multimedia DICOM Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Multimedia ReferenceHTMLPDF
Multimedia Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF
Multimedia DICOM Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF
Multimedia Mid-Tier Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF
Multimedia Servlets and JSP Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF

Other Content Types

These manuals relate to implementing support for new content types within the Oracle database.

Data Cartridge Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Object-Relational Developer's GuideHTMLPDF