Using Oracle From Home - APEX

Logging in from the Web

If you just need to access the SQL*Plus side of Oracle, it can now be accessed over the Web using Oracle Application Express (APEX). Note, it is only available to students taking a final year module.

APEX Account

Your APEX account is separate from your Oracle database account and accounts have to be setup from within the APEX environment. What this means to you, is that the registration process is not automatic, unlike oraclereg, which instantly creates a database account that you can use right away.

The APEX registration scripts will be run once or twice a week, so please be patient if you can not login straight away - you are guaranteed to have an account within a week during term time (assuming you have registered for an Oracle account first). In the meantime, please use either Putty or Instant Client.

Using APEX

Apex is available at the following address: It will ask for:

Prompt Type in
Username: Your Oracle username only (i.e., no need for @ora12c)
Password lYour Oracle web password.

This will be set to your original Oracle database password. Please note, Oracle treats this as a separate password, so if you change your database password, it will not affect this, unless you change it also.

All students share the same workspace, but you only have access to your own schema. This means you can query the same tables you created in a workshop at the University and any changes you make here will be reflected in your database schema.

When you login, you will be see the following options:

Apex Initial Screen

By default Oracle provides a Team Development environment, since this tool is aimed at Oracle Developers, who generally work in teams. Any student found abusing this, will have their access to Apex removed.

To access the SQL interface, click on SQL Workshop, then SQL Commands

The Administration option allows you to change your Oracle Web password.


Oracle can also be accessed from the Web in a variety of other ways, see Interfacing Databases from the Web for examples.

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