Create an Administration Process on a Specific Host

Every KVStore has an administration database. You must deploy the Storage Node to which the command line interface is currently connecting to, in this case, "node01", and then deploy an Administration process on that same node, in order to proceed to configure this database. Use the deploy-sn and deploy-admin commands to complete this step.

Note that deploy-sn requires you to provide a Zone ID. You can get this ID by using the show topology command:

kv-> show topology
store=mystore numPartitions=0 sequence=1
 zn: id=zn1 name=Boston repFactor=3 type=PRIMARY

The Zone ID is "zn1" in the above output.

When you deploy the node, provide the Zone ID, the node's network name, and its registry port number. For example:

kv-> plan deploy-sn -zn zn1 -host node01 -port 5000 -wait
Executed plan 2, waiting for completion...
Plan 2 ended successfully

Having done that, create the administration process on the node that you just deployed. You do this using the deploy-admin command. This command requires the Storage Node ID (which you can obtain using the show topology command), the administration port number and an optional plan name. You defined the administration port number during the installation process. This book is using 5001 as an example.

kv-> plan deploy-admin -sn sn1 -port 5001 -wait
Executed plan 3, waiting for completion...
Plan 3 ended successfully


At this point you have a single administration process deployed in your store. This is enough to proceed with store configuration. However, to increase your store's reliability, you should deploy multiple administration processes, each running on a different storage node. In this way, you are able to continue to administer your store even if one Storage Node goes down, taking an administration process with it. It also means that you can continue to monitor your store, even if you lose a node running an administration process.

Oracle strongly recommends that you deploy three administration processes for a production store. The additional administration processes do not consume many resources.

Before you can deploy any more administration processes, you must first deploy the rest of your Storage Nodes. This is described in the following sections.