Create a Storage Node Pool

Once you have created your Administration process, you must create a Storage Node Pool. This pool is used to contain all the Storage Nodes in your store. A Storage Node pool is used for resource distribution when creating or modifying a store. You use the pool create command to create this pool. Then you join Storage Nodes to the pool using the pool join command.


You may have multiple kinds of storage nodes in different zones that vary by processor type, speed and/or disk capacity. So the storage node pool lets you define a logical grouping of storage nodes by whatever specification you pick.

Remember that we already have a Storage Node created. We did that when we created the Administration process. Therefore, after we add the pool, we can immediately join that first SN to the pool.

The pool create command only requires you to provide the name of the pool.

The pool join command requires the name of the pool to which you want to join the Storage Node, and the Storage Node's ID. You can obtain the Storage Node's ID using the show topology command.

For example:

kv-> pool create -name BostonPool
kv-> show topology
store=mystore numPartitions=0 sequence=2
 zn: id=zn1 name=Boston repFactor=3 type=PRIMARY
 sn=[sn1] zn:[id=zn1 name=Boston] node1:5000 capacity=1 RUNNING
kv-> pool join -name BostonPool -sn sn1
Added Storage Node(s) [sn1] to pool BostonPool