Chapter 4. Configuring the KVStore

Table of Contents

Configuration Overview
Start the Administration CLI
The plan Commands
Configure and Start a Set of Storage Nodes
Name your KVStore
Create a Zone
Create an Administration Process on a Specific Host
Create a Storage Node Pool
Create the Remainder of your Storage Nodes
Create and Deploy Replication Nodes
Configuring with Multiple Zones
Using a Script to Configure the Store
Smoke Testing the System
Where to Find Error Information
Service States
Useful Commands

Once you have installed Oracle NoSQL Database on each of the nodes that you could use in your store (see Installing Oracle NoSQL Database, you must configure the store. To do this, you use the command line administration interface. In this chapter, we describe the command line tool.

To configure your store, you create and then execute plans. Plans describe a series of operations that Oracle NoSQL Database should perform for you. You do not need to know what those internal operations are in detail. Instead, you just need to know how to use and execute the plans.

Configuration Overview

At a high level, configuring your store requires these steps:

You perform all of these activities using the Oracle NoSQL Database command line interface (CLI). The remainder of this chapter shows you how to perform these activities. Examples are provided that show you which commands to use, and how. For a complete listing of all the commands available to you in the CLI, see CLI Commands and Subcommands.