Create and Deploy Replication Nodes

The final step in your configuration process is to create Replication Nodes on every node in your store. You do this using the topology create and plan deploy-topology commands in its place. The topology create command takes the following arguments:

The plan deploy-topology command requires a topology name.

Once you issue the following commands, your store is fully installed and configured:

kv-> topology create -name topo -pool BostonPool -partitions 300
Created: topo
kv-> plan deploy-topology -name topo -wait
Executed plan 6, waiting for completion...
Plan 6 ended successfully

As a final sanity check, you can confirm that all of the plans succeeded using the show plans command:

kv-> show plans
1 Deploy Zone (1)          SUCCEEDED
2 Deploy Storage Node (2)  SUCCEEDED
3 Deploy Admin Service (3) SUCCEEDED
4 Deploy Storage Node (4)  SUCCEEDED
5 Deploy Storage Node (5)  SUCCEEDED
6 Deploy-RepNodes          SUCCEEDED

Having done that, you can exit the command line interface.

kv-> exit