Using a Script to Configure the Store

Up to this point, we have shown how to configure a store using an interactive command line interface session. However, you can collect all of the commands used in the prior sections into a script file, and then run them in a single batch operation. To do this, use the load command in the command line interface. For example:

Using the load -file command line option:

 java -Xmx256m -Xms256m \
-jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar runadmin -port 5000 -host node01 \
load -file scrpt.txt

Using directly the load -file command:

kv->load -file <path to file> 

Using this command you can load the named file and interpret its contents as a script of commands to be executed.

The file, scrpt.txt, would then contain content like this:

### Begin Script ###
configure -name mystore
plan deploy-zone -name "Boston" -rf 3 -wait
plan deploy-sn -zn zn1 -host node01 -port 5000 -wait
plan deploy-admin -sn sn1 -port 5001 -wait
pool create -name BostonPool
pool join -name BostonPool -sn sn1
plan deploy-sn -zn zn1 -host node02 -port 5000 -wait
pool join -name BostonPool -sn sn2
plan deploy-sn -zn zn1 -host node03 -port 5000 -wait
pool join -name BostonPool -sn sn3
topology create -name topo -pool BostonPool -partitions 300
plan deploy-topology -name topo -wait
### End Script ###