Chapter 6. Upgrading an Existing Oracle NoSQL Database Deployment

Table of Contents

Preparing to Upgrade
General Upgrade Notes
Upgrade from Release 2.0 to Release 3.0
Using a Script to Upgrade to Release 3
Upgrade from NoSQL DB Release 1.0 to NoSQL DB Release 2.0

This section describes how to upgrade the software of your Oracle NoSQL Database deployment.

Installing new software requires that each node be restarted. Depending on the configuration of your store, it may be possible to upgrade it while the store continues to remain online and available to clients. Online upgrade can succeed if the store's replication factor is greater than 2, and the upgrade is not being performed on a release 2.0 store whose topology contains only a single zone.

For stores with a replication factor greater than two, the shards can maintain their majorities and continue reading and writing data on behalf of clients while their components are restarted, one at a time. If the replication factor is 2 or 1, then the majorities cannot be maintained across the restart of a single node, and each shard will become unavailable for a short time.

Preparing to Upgrade

Before beginning the upgrade process, you should take a backup of the store by creating a snapshot. See Taking a Snapshot.

In Oracle NoSQL Database, configuration changes and other administrative activities involve plans. In NoSQL DB release 3.0, the execution or restarting of plans that were created in NoSQL DB release 1.0 is not supported. Any plans that are not in a completed state should be canceled before the upgrade begins. For information about plans, see Plans.


During the upgrade process, you should not create any plans until all services in the store have been upgraded.

Application programs that use the kvstore client library should be upgraded to the new software version as soon as possible after the service components have been upgraded. New clients can also be used with an old store, so it is possible to test upgraded clients before upgrading the store services.