Fixing Incorrect Storage Node HA Port Ranges

When you initially configured your installation, you defined a range of ports to be used by the nodes when communication among themselves. (You did this in Installation Configuration.) This range of ports is called the HA port range, where HA is short hand for "replication."

If you have specified invalid values for the HA Port Range, you are unable to deploy a Replication Node (RN) or a secondary Administration process (Admin) on any misconfigured Storage Node. You discover the problem when you first attempt to deploy a store or a Admin Replica on a faulty Storage Node. You see these indications that the Replication Node did not come up on this Storage Node:

The misconfiguration can be addressed with the following steps. Some steps must be executed on the physical node which hosts the Oracle NoSQL Database Storage Node, while others can be done from any node which can access the Admin or CLI.

  1. Using the Admin or CLI, cancel the deploy-store or deploy-admin plan which ran afoul of the misconfiguration.

  2. On the Storage Node, kill the existing, misconfigured StorageNodeAgentImpl process and all its ManagedProcesses. You can distinguish them from other processes because they have the parameter -root <KVROOT>.

  3. On the Storage Node, remove all files from the KVROOT directory.

  4. On the Storage Node, re-create the Storage Node bootstrap configuration file in the KVROOT directory. For directions on how to do this, see Installation Configuration.

  5. On the Storage Node, restart the Storage Node using the following command:

    java -Xmx256m -Xms256m -jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar restart

  6. Using the CLI, re-deploy the storage node using the deploy-sn plan.

You can now create and execute a deploy-store or deploy-admin plan, using the same parameters as the initial attempt which uncovered your misconfigured Storage Node.