Reviewing Plans

You can find out what state a plan is in using the show plans command in the CLI. Use the show plan -id <plan number> command to see more details on that plan. Alternatively, you can see the state of your plans in the Plan History section in the Admin Console. Click on the plan number in order to see more details on that plan.

You can review the execution history of a plan by using the CLI show plan command. (How to use the CLI is described in detail in Configuring the KVStore.)

This example shows the output of the show plan command. The plan name, attempt number, started and ended date, status, and the steps, or tasks that make up the plan are displayed. In this case, the plan was executed once. The plan completed successfully.

kv-> show plan
1 Deploy KVLite        SUCCEEDED
2 Deploy Storage Node  SUCCEEDED
3 Deploy Admin Service SUCCEEDED
4 Deploy KVStore       SUCCEEDED
kv-> show plan -id 3
Plan Deploy Admin Service
State:          SUCCEEDED
Attempt number: 1
Started:        2012-11-22 22:05:31 UTC
Ended:          2012-11-22 22:05:31 UTC
Total tasks:    1
Successful:     1