When a user successfully logs in, it receives an identifier for a login session that allows a single login operation to be shared across Storage Nodes. That session has an initial lifetime associated with it, after which the session is no longer valid.

The server notifies the user with an error once the session is no longer valid. The application then needs to re-authenticate.


The KVStoreFactory API provides a reauthentication handler, which allows the reauthentication to be completed transparently, except for the delay in reauthentication processing.

If allowed, the Oracle NoSQL Database client will transparently attempt to extend session lifetime. For best results, your application should include logic to deal with reauthentication, as operational issues could prevent it from succeeding initially. In this way, you can avoid the use of extended logic in your application to reacquire a valid session state.

You can configure the behavior regarding session management to meet the needs of the application and environment. To do this, you can modify the following parameters using the plan change-parameters command: sessionTimeout, sessionExtendAllowed and loginCacheTimeout. For more information, see Security Policy Modifications