Oracle NoSQL Database, 12c Release 1

Version 12cR1.3.0.14 Enterprise Edition, 2014-07-14 01:11:18 UTC

For Everyone

If you want to bring up a store quickly with minimum effort, there are two ways you can do this:

  • To install and configure a minimal store, see the Quick Start Guide.
  • To run a basic store without having to perform any configuration, use KVLite.
  • Other information that is generally of interest to everyone:

  • FAQ
  • Oracle Technology Network forum
  • Release Notes
  • Change Log
  • License

  • For the Developer

    These documents describe how to develop an Oracle NoSQL Database application:

    Getting Started with the Tables API HTML | PDF
    Getting Started with the Key/Value API HTML | PDF
    Oracle NoSQL Database Availability and Failover HTML | PDF
    Oracle NoSQL Database Large Object API HTML | PDF
    Creating Index Views HTML | PDF
    RDF Graph for Oracle NoSQL Database HTML | PDF

    Programming API reference material:

  • The Javadoc covers the full set of all public Oracle NoSQL Database Java APIs.

  • The Example Javadoc covers all the Oracle NoSQL Database Java example code.

  • The C API (separately downloadable) covers the full set of public Oracle NoSQL Database C APIs.

  • For the Administrator

    This document describes how to install, configure, and manage a production Oracle NoSQL Database store:

    Administrator's Guide HTML | PDF
    Security Guide HTML | PDF
    Run Book HTML | PDF

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